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  • Gavin Poole

Perth Wedding DJs - Experience

When it comes to your magical wedding day, you want to know that your vendors are going to be able to handle anything that could happen on the day.

Things such as power failures, technology failures, outside factors that are totally out of your control - how is your vendor going to handle these if they were to happen on your day?

Lets face it, we all hope that nothing like this happens to you on your special day, but unfortunately sometimes it does happen. I have seen this happen all too many times in my 23 years of DJing. Things from the industrial urns tripping the power in a house and shutting everything off through to wedding guests being taken to hospital. Bridal parties returning late from photo shoots. Guests not returning to their chairs for dinner. Even the extremes of dealing with fighting on the day or upset brides.

The key in all these events is not to panic!

When your DJ says they have experience, ask them what is that experience. There are a number of DJs that are saying they are "Perth's most experienced DJ". Then they list the number of shows they have done. Is 100 shows experienced - Yes I would certainly say so. But is it the most experienced DJ...

Groovy Entertainment has provided DJ entertainment over 2700 times over 23 years. 95% of these shows would be Perth Weddings at just about every venue in Perth. Having worked with one of Perth's leading DJ companies in the late 90's and through the 2000s, I was the most requested Perth Wedding DJ at the company and the guys knew they could put me in any show and know that it would be looked after. Would you like to trust the events of your day to someone that has 100 shows experience or someone who loves music, loves to share this with his clients and their guests and has over 2700 shows experience?

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