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  • Gavin Poole

Neon Parties - return of the Fluro

Lately, I've actually had a influx of enquiries about Neon parties. Are we making a return to the 80s and 90s where fluro was the rage?

Here at Groovy Entertainment, we have just invested in some new lights to add to our solid range of lights that can help you solve the fluro crave. We have recently (just this week) added the Chauvet Wash FX 2 to our range of lights. These are not dedicated UV lights but lights that have UV capability over a good range. They do a lot more too but I bought them to help with the UV lights that we already own, but they also are a great wash light of colour for your dance floor.

Looking forward to adding them to my lighting range for your functions in the future as they also have a good wash effect pattern to add a splash of colour to your dance floor.

For more information about the professional quality gear Groovy Entertainment uses for shows, reach out and contact us.

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