Value for money (Weddings) in the DJ world

I've been thinking about what I charge clients and where it all goes... When I say so much for up to 6 hours, you are probably thinking why is it so expensive, so I've went through my costs and here is a summary of where my money goes even though you see the 6 hours on the night.

Pre booking (list of expenses that I have even before you consider Groovy Entertainment)

Stationairy (business cards, flyers etc)


Car servicing / petrol

Equipment maintenence and purchasing new equipment

DJ performing licence (PPCA)

Business name registration

Website and hosting costs


Once you have emailed and made an enquiry

Time required to answer your email personally.

Paperwork and administration behind the scenes.

Once you have confirmed your booking with Groovy Entertainment

Drawing up contracts.

Being available to answer any questions you may have about the day.

Meeting with you about the day (up to an hour).

Travel expenses and time involved in coming to see you.

Designing a custom logo for the gobo projector.

Preparation of paperwork for the night.

Preparation of any special music I might need to purchase for your event.

On the day / night

Travel to get to your venue

Set up of the gear (up to an hour)

*** The actual time of the event - The part you get officially charged for ***

Packing up and then travelling home.

Then the worst part of all of this is paying Mr Tax man 20 - 30% of my earnings for being Mr Tax Man.

So when I charge you for up to 6 hours on the night, please be aware of all the work and preparation that goes into behind the scenes to ensure that the 6 hours I am DJing at the wedding is a complete success. Were you even aware of all these costs???

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