Cost of a DJ for your Wedding in Perth

Since actively advertising my business again, I've discovered that there is a huge range in what people charge and value for your dollar for Weddings in Perth.

To start with I've seen some DJs advertise $450 for 3 hours and I know of other DJs that are nearly at the $2000 mark for a show. Some people charge extra for some services that I believe should be included in what you should expect as standard. I've also seen plenty of difference in the quality of equipment being used too.

So what should you expect in your quote?

You should expect to have someone that can MC for your function as standard in your quote - if other companies are charging you extra for a DJ that can MC, then I would question their DJs as I believe that as a DJ you need to be able to speak and capture the attention of your audience. Sure you don't have to be over the top but being able to speak i believe is an important part of DJing.

Current equipment. No lie, I have seen some people using the same gear I used when I first started DJing 17 years ago. Technology is always changing in the music busniess, so making sure that you stay current is always a good thing.

Backup equipment. There are times when things may or may not for unexplained reasons, stop working or temporarily stop. Does your DJ have back up equipment that is readily available to make sure that there is little to no interruption to your function?

Other distractions (as I call it) like photo booths, video, photography. There are numerous companies that have multiple facilities available as packages, but I often wonder how can you truly focus on ensuring the music is spot on when you are worrying about the other services you are also supplying? Yes I do occasionaly take some photos and videos at shows I am doing, but this is never at the jeapordy of my music.

So what should you expect to be paying for a DJ for your wedding? Well I believe that if you get a quote from anything between $900 to $1200 you should feel confident you are getting value for money. Anything less and I would be questioning are they doing their best for you? Anything more and I would say that you are being taken for a ride.

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