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  • Gavin Poole

Music for your Wedding Day

Music is such a integral part of any wedding day - so is choosing the right Wedding DJ. Making sure you have your pre ceremony music sorted, the song that you are going to walk down the isle to, the signing of the register, processional and that is just the ceremony! Where does it end???

When I first started DJing back in 1998, there were a lot less options in choices of music and people were happy to having certain styles of music for their special day. Now in 2022, there is just so much different music and people have such diverse tastes in music, choosing music for your day is actually a hard thing to do. You can leave it up to the DJ to read the crowd and keep the flow going or you can tell your DJ what it is you want played. The DJ should also ask about guests requesting and more importantly, what it is you definitely DONT want to hear on your Wedding Day.

A good DJ should address dinner music, dancing music, your faves that you want to definitely hear on the day / night, key songs for things like the entrance, cake cutting, bridal dance, farewells, speeches if that is something you'd like as well as other songs for father / daughter or mother / son dances.

If you choose the right DJ, they should assist in making this decision easy with sample artists / songs or even be resourceful and have lists of songs for appropriate times.

Choosing music should not be a hard task. It is the soundtrack to your day and it plays such an important part in making your Wedding Day perfect.


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