NV DJ Controller
The Mixer

Recently purchased to make sure that the equipment I use is up to date, the Numark NV DJ Contoller and Mixer is the state of the art controller which can be used as a stand alone console or as attached to a computer using Serato DJ.

Personalised Gobo Image

Personalised name and logo for your big day that is projected onto a black screen located behind my desk and console

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Speakers

The standard set up includes 2 JBL PRX 515 powered speakers with a massive 500W output per speaker.  For those shows (for example - school balls) that have in excess of 150 people, I also have a powered subwoofer that can be added to the set up for that extra grunt!


Standard package includes three lights -


2 Light Emotion LED Colour Bank lighting effects

CRLaser Moonstar MK III


Lighting also includes mood lighting for my console and speakers (see picture below)

Set Up

All the above items are enclosed in a neat compact set up.  See the picture for an example of the set up.  Use of a microphone (wireless if needed) is also included in your package and NOT an added expense.


For those that want to go the extra step, or have something that little bit different, there are other options available -

Smoke machine

Bubble machine

UV Lights

Disco Ball and spot light

Other lighting effects (different lasers and gobo lights).


For more information about these, simply ask! 

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